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2014 MA Individualized Program, Concordia University [Montreal, Canada]
(Queer Theory, Anthropology, Religion, Art History + Visual Arts Studio)
2008 BFA (with distinction) University of Manitoba School of Art [Winnipeg Canada]
Double Major (Video + Drawing) Video Thesis


2015 Fish M/Other (Ape Witch) as part of AA Bronson’s Sacre de Printemps (double show), Salzburger Kunstverein, [Salzburg, Austria] Graz Kunstverein, [Graz, Austria]
2015 Artificial Intelligence, as part of LAPSody Live Art Conference & Festival, University of the Arts [Helsinki, Finland]
2015 The Artificial Mother 1.0, S.a.L.E Docks, curated by Valeria Mancinelli [Venice, Italy] upcoming
2015 The Messiah Complex 5.0, PROGRESS Festival, curated by Videofag [Toronto, Canada] upcoming
2014 The Messiah Complex 3.0, The Brucebo Museum, curated by Susanna Carlsten [Visby, Sweden]
2014 The Messiah Complex 2.0 Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival,
curated by Luca Curci [Venice, Italy]
2014 The Messiah Complex 1.0 (performance/installation) as part of The Body As Omen,
curated by Sheilah Wilson, Ortega Y Gasset Projects, [Queens New York, USA]
2014 Punc Arkæology Manifesto, as part of Encuentro, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, curated by Stephen Lawson, [Montreal, Canada]
2014 THEGENESISCOMPLEX, The Glasshouse, [New York, USA], curated by Lital Dotan
2014 THUS SPAKE AMMA SYNCLETICA, as part of Performatirum : Festival for Queer Performance, Neutral Ground, curated by Gary Varro [Regina, SK, Canada]
2013 FISH M/OTHER REMIX in The Temptation of AA Bronson, Witte de With CCA, [Rotterdam, NL]
2013 Exegesis IIMuseum Insel Hombroich, curated by Elke Luyten [Neuss, Germany]
2013 FISH RELIGION – as part of Triskaidekaphobia, Parade Ground, New York, curated by AA Bronson and Bradford Kessler [New York, USA]
2012 Exegesis, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Nuit Blanche [Winnipeg, Canada]
2012 Exegesis Prototype – Gallery Connexion, [Fredericton, NB, Canada],
2012 Amygdala [programmed video documentation of performance] Rapid Pulse International Festival of Performance Art, curated by Joseph Ravens [Chicago, USA]
2012 Pharmakos – The Glasshouse, curated by Lital Dotan + Eyal Perry [Tel Aviv, Israel].
2011 WOMBTOMB IIVisualeyez Festival of Performance Art, Latitude 53, curated by Todd Janes [Edmonton, AB, Canada]
2011 WOMBTOMB – Center for Performance Research, curated by The Watermill Center, New Voices in Live Performance Series [New York City, USA]
2010 Amygdala Prototype – The Watermill Center [Watermill, New York, USA]
2008 The Entia – The Winnipeg Art Gallery [Winnipeg, Canada] curated by Mary Reid
2006 Berserk – Platform Center for Photographic and Digital Arts [Winnipeg, Canada]


2014 Queering Genesis through Punc Arkæology 155 Freeman [NY, USA] Solo exhibition.
2012 Messiah, Pari Nadimi Gallery [Toronto, Canada] Solo Exhibition/Performance
2011 Amygdala, Ace Art [Winnipeg, Canada] Solo exhibition/Performance
2009 Parthenogenesis, Pari Nadimi Gallery [Toronto, Canada] Solo Exhibition /Performance


2013 The Temptation of AA Bronson, [Rotterdam, Netherlands], Witte de With, CCA
2012 Winnipeg Now, Winnipeg Art Gallery [Winnipeg Canada] as part of the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s centennial exhibition, curated by Robert Enright + Meeka Walsh
2010 Ritualiz’d, Platform (Center for Photographic and Digital Arts) [Winnipeg, Canada] Performance/Installation curated by Kegan McFadden
2008 AA Bronson’s School for Young Shamans, John Connelly Presents [New York, USA] Drawings/Performance, curated by AA Bronson


2014 Asylum Arts, International Jewish Artist Retreat, Garrison, [NY, USA]
2014 Artist in Residence, Freeman Space, [Brooklyn, NY] [1.5 months]
2014/2015 Artist-in-Residence, The Institute for Art, Religion and Social Justice, Union Theological Seminary, 16 months, [New York City, USA]
2013 T H 3 R 3 1 5 N 0 P R 0 M 1 5 3 D L 8 N D, Museological Pilgrimage across Europe,
funded by the Brucebo Foundation 2.5 months. [Italy, Germany, Holland, UK, Sweden]
2013 International Summer Fellowship Program, Museum Insel Hombroich, curated by Elke Luyten,12 days. [Neuss, Germany]
2011 VOWS II – artist residency at Gallery Connexion, 28-days [Fredericton, New Brunswick]
2010 VOWS – artist residency at The Watermill Center, 28-days, [Watermill New York]
2010 Shaman-in-Residence, Marina Abramovic : The Artist is Present, Museum of Modern Art, (2 month project assisting the artist) [New York, USA]
2009 Deep Bay Artist Residency,Artist-in-Residence [Riding Mountain National Park, Canada]


2014 Artist-Activist Dialogue: Exchange of ideas of performance and Social Intervention
with La Pocha Nostra, as part of REBEL ACTS, University of Toronto [Toronto, Canada]
2014 Punc Arkæology : Queering Cartographies [Lecture/Performance] Union Theological Seminary
2014 Religiosity for Cyborgs [Lecture/Workshop] Asylum Arts, [New York, USA]
2014 PUNC ARKAEOLOGY 2.0, Guest Lecture, Masters-level Intermedia, University of Regina [Regina, Canada]
2013 T H 3 R 3 1 5 N 0 P R 0 M 1 5 3 D L 8 N D [Lecture] Brucebo Museum, [Visby, Sweden]
2012-2014 Instructor, Momenta Outdoor Education Program [teaching Art to youth 16-20] [Winnipeg, Canada]
2012 WINNIPEG NOW Panel Discussion with Guy Maddin, Sarah Anne Johnson and Paul Butler moderated by Robert Enright, Winnipeg Art Gallery [Winnipeg, Canada]
2012 PUNC ARKAEOLOGY [Guest Lecture] Concordia University ARTH390,[Montreal, QC, Canada]
2011 Amygdala (Artist Talk) aceartinc. [Winnipeg, Canada]
2010 [WITCHDOCTOR] In conversation w/ curator Jovana Stokic, LOCATION ONE [New York, USA]
2010 Queer Shamanism, Guest Lecture, University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture [Winnipeg, Canada]
2010 Shapeshifting in the Information Age, Manitoba Goddess Festival [Winnipeg, Canada]
2010 RITUALIZ’D, Group artist talk with Freya Olafson and Leah Decter, moderated by Kegan McFadden Platform Center for Photographic and Digital Arts [Winnipeg, Canada]
2009 Instructor/Facilitator, Performance Art Working Group, Youth Activist Retreat [Winnipeg, Canada]
2007-2009 Instructor - First Year Fundamentals of Drawing and Basic Design [Teachers Assistant + Teacher]
University of Manitoba School of Art, [Winnipeg, Canada]
2004-2014 Instructor, Graffitti Art Programming Inc. [teaching at risk youth aged 3-30 fundamental Drawing, Sculpture, Video and Performance] [Winnipeg, Canada]


2014 Researching the Militant Image, workshop by Urban Subjects at Steirischer Herbst Academy of Asociality [Graz, Austria]
2013 Zones of Inhibition – Bio Art Workshop with Niki Sperou, [Participant] as part of Toxicity Winnipeg, Video Pool Media Arts Center [Winnipeg, Canada]
2013 Intercultural Performance Workshop with Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Saul Garcia Lopez, [Participant]. Urban Shaman Gallery [Winnipeg, Canada]
2013 The Institution as Fiction – workshop with curatorial collective Beirut as part of Steirischer Herbst Academy [Participant] [Graz, Austria]
2011 PLUG IN ICA Summer School with facilitators Natalie Kovax, Phillip Pocock and assume vivid astro focus, [Participant] [Winnipeg, Canada]
2009 Cleaning the House Workshop w/ Marina Abramovic – 5 day intensive. [New York, USA]
2007 Performing the Image, with Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Milan, Winnipeg Art Gallery [Winnipeg, Canada]
2007 Wreck Beach Butoh [2 week Intensive Training] with Kokoro Dance [Vancouver, Canada]
2006-2016 Field Operations Supervisor, Crew Leader [managing large teams of field-workers in 23 communities in the Canadian Arctic, Statistics Canada, Census [2006, 2011-12 and 2016] [Comprising altogether 24 months of Arctic Fieldwork, Large-Scale Project Management]


2015 NuNu Theater/Michael Case of Emergency: Emergent Writings on Live Art and Performance, David Rankovich, Hannnah Maria, Gullichsen, Veli Von Nissinen & Diana Soria Hernandez (eds) University of the Arts Helsinki Press, pp.105-108
2015 Verleiding, sjamanisme en erkennin, Tubelight Magazine, Niels van Maanen, Oct. 5, 2015, TL #94
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2015 Making Progress, Martin Morrow, Torontoist, Feb. 4, 2013 [Toronto, Canada]
2014 SummerWorks announces international program. The Star, Aug. 17, 2014 [Toronto, Canada]
2014 Shaman Freud: Lievre Pascal’s Totem and Tabu. TsNok, Journal, July, 2014. [online]
2014 The Omen as Body or The Place of the Skull [essay by Michael Dudeck] as part of catalogue for Body as Omen – Witness, Sheilah Wilson, INCIDENT MAGAZINE, July 18, 2014.[online+print]
2014 An Image is a Puzzle: ‘Fixing Performance Art in “Body as Omen” Temporary Magazine, July 11, 2014, New York/Berlin <Written INTERVIEW> [online]
2014 ARTINFO Canada’s 30 Under 30, 2014. Blouin ARTINFO. May 5, 2014. Toronto, Canada [online]
2014 Meet the 25 Artists Who Made the Longlist for the Sobey Art Award. The Globe and Mail,
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(online edition) Posted Feb. 5, 2014
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2014 Asylum Arts, Small Project Grant [USA]
2014 ARTINFO Canada, Top 30 Under 30
2014 Longlist, Sobey Art Award [Canada]
2014 Canada Council for the Arts Visual Arts Project Grant
2014 Concordia University INDI Research Travel Grant
2014 Graduate Student Mobility Award, Concordia University, for residency in New York.
2013 Brucebo Foundation European Travel Scholarship [funding a European conceptual pilgrimage]
2013 Power Corporation of Canada Graduate Scholarship
2012 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Graduate Scholarship, Social Studies and Humanities Research Council of Canada [SSHRC]
2012 Concordia University Special Entrance Award
2012 Campaign for a New Millennium Graduate Scholarship
2012 Concordia University Special Individualized Program Entrance Fellowship
2012 Mona Gray Creative Arts Graduate Scholarship, Jewish Foundation of Manitoba
2011 Manitoba Arts Council Visual Arts A Grant
2011 Manitoba Arts Council Manitoba/ New Brunswick Creative Residency Grant
2010 Winnipeg Arts Council Travel Grant
2010 Manitoba Arts Council Travel Grant
2010 Manitoba Arts Council Departures Grant
2009 Manitoba Arts Council Travel Grant
2009, 2011 Nominee, Winnipeg Arts Council Artist On The Rise Award
2009 Manitoba Arts Council Special Opportunities Grant
2008 Manitoba Arts Council Visual Arts B Grant
2008 University Gold Medal for Highest Standing Fine Arts Thesis
2008 University Gold Medal for Highest Standing School of Art
2008 Jewish Foundation of Manitoba Special Projects Grant
2008 Millennium Foundation Special Projects Grant
2008 Winnipeg Arts Council Individual Artist Grant
2007 University of Manitoba Department of Icelandic Scholarship to travel to Iceland
2006 Canada Millennium Foundation In-Course Award (annually for 2 years)
2006 University of Manitoba Student Union Merit Award
2006 Jewish Foundation of Manitoba Scholarship (annually for 3 years)